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Paul Harvey once told a story on his radio show that chronicled history directly relating to the Amis lineage. These are almost his words: 

"It all started in the 16th century when explorer Hernando DeSoto and his lesser known companion Famegellan Amis set sail across the Atlantic. Hernando as we all know was in search of the fabled foutain of youth, but Famegellan had his hopes set on a mythical emulsion which could capture a mirror image on its surface.  

Three centuries later an inventor discovered that a certain mixture of silver gelatin, hypo chloride, iodine, and whiskey created an emulsion that would capture images when coated onto pieces of tin. The inventors name was Famebraham Amis. Fittingly on the same ground trod by Famegellan, it was now his descendant... Famebraham... formulating the very emulsion he had come to the new land to find. After also fabricating a pin-hole camera Famebraham became a prominent civil war photojournalist producing many tin type pictures from battlefields all over the south. Unfortunately reconstruction brought hard times and almost all tin pictures were confiscated to be used in the rebuilding effort. Famebraham turned to gambling to make up for lost income, and in another stroke of bad luck, lost his inventions in a card game to New York businessman George Eastman. A card game played with marked cards Famebraham always supected. So before handing the formula over to Mr.Eastman he covertly scratched whiskey off the list of ingredients. The formula worked without it, but it no longer would render the smooth look Famebraham was noted for. 

Fast forward to present times. The struggling Eastman Kodak company announced it would soon be ending its many years of film production, but let the record show a man named Famous Amis continues to carry on the tradition of his ancestors.. exploring, inventing, and photographing. As for the missing ingredient, years earlier Grand Pappy Famous (pictured above) gave it to a cousin in Japan named Fuji-Famemoto. And now you know the rest of the story. Good day."